About Mina K Lashes & Training Center

Mina K Lashes & Training Center brings beauty and wellness together. Combining beauty with cutting-edge products and impeccable service, Mina K Lashes is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. We give you a space where beauty and wellness radiate naturally, to bring out your most beautiful self, from the inside out.

After years of wearing eyelash extensions and being subjected to multitudes of inferior products and techniques ultimately ended in repeated disappointment. As a result, Mina Kanany was compelled to start her own business.

With a Bachelors degree in Business Management, Mina then went on to gain her certification as an esthetician, graduating at the top of her class from the California State Board. From there, she began taking Lash Master Classes around the world to learn a variety of techniques in eyelash extension application.

Mina's time and unique talents as a lash artist are the most desired on Los Angeles' chic shores, where beauty is celebrated. Her natural, clean approach to life in every aspect translates into her application of individual eyelash extensions and every design of eyebrow shaping. Mina and her company, Mina K Lashes, use only the finest materials, chemical-free, medical-grade glues and skincare products. The result is a dramatic emphasis of each client’s own natural beauty, an explosive boost of confidence and a giant smile while heading out the door.

Mina K Lashes & Training Center