Free shipping on orders over $100

Free shipping on orders over $100

Eyelash Extension Removal

Eyelash extensions use a stronger adhesive than traditional temporary store-bought lash strips. The adhesive is designed to stay adhered to the natural lash until that lash grows out. We not recommend removing eyelash extensions with DIY methods, no matter what you read online. In order to prevent damage to your natural lashes, a special remover and professional training is required for proper removal.

The only truly safe method is to seek the assistance of a professional. If you ever have an allergic reaction to the adhesive, go see your lash tech immediately. Never pluck, pick or attempt to pull off semi-permanent eyelash extensions!

If you have had an improper eyelash extension application somewhere other than Mina K Lashes, or simply wish to remove them, we provide that service here at the studio for a small charge. Our specially formulated removal solution will break down the glue and safely remove your extensions without damaging your natural lash.





$60 (depending on current state of your eyelashes)


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