Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions

Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions are one of the newest service arrivals to the industry. Mega volume lashes are very similar to the traditional Russian volume lashes that you've likely heard of. The difference between mega volume and traditional Russian volume is how many lash extensions are being used to create the fan and the diameter of the extensions in the fan. A set of traditional volume lashes uses .07 extensions to create a fan with up to 5 lash extensions. Mega volume sets use .03 lash extensions to create a fan with up to 16 lash extensions. With mega volume, you can apply up to 16 extensions on one natural lash. That is MEGA volume for sure.

Just like classic and traditional Russian volume lashes, mega volume lashes are safe for natural lashes if the extensions are applied correctly.

Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions are recommended for those with sparse, fine, or weak lashes. They are also a preferred option for those who want extra volume, even if they naturally have thick, dense and long lashes.





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